The Los Angeles Poems

I have been writing poems since my teenage days. I first got in contact with this kind of literature when finding a collection of English poems (1) and a book of poems by the great American poet Robert Frost (1875-1963). Frost has remained (2). Many of his poems were a companien on many travels or trips though I was born when this gentleman had already been dead for nine years. But whenever I took a walk somewhere alone or in thought about my own music. The way he mingled aspects of country life and nature the the most basic aspects of life moved me in many a way. And it became a field of my own, because I agreed with him on the importance of a single snowflake in a distant wood on a snowy evening alone a road not taken instead of another.

Poetry, over the years, became a familiar way to say things differently. To give it a space or a room - as you may say as well. Any thime since then and whenever I've gone excited about some things which seem so hard to put in words, the first step taken is a poem that might be followed by a song afterwards - but it doesn't have to. Literature doesn't need music - nor das music need literature. But if both come together beautiful things are about to happen and magice, in some way, can arise. In case of the Los Angeles Poems we are talking just about literauture, not being put into music.

Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017

One surely might wonder about the need of writing poems while being traveling. I am only able to answer that question personally. I need to do so. Most of the travellers take their images and pictures with their cameras or cellphones. So do I. But I also do my writing because it offers this tiny space that transports more than a simple photograph in my phone could ever do. It takes me back to some moment on my way and dicovers emotions and feelings that occured just in that very moment I wrote these words on paper. That really is an enormous power. And just like a song takes you back all the ears to that situation you needed to write it, the same occurs when reading a poem. That is what both arts might have in common. That's what I feel when looking at it with my own eyes.

I brought along seventeen poems. I did not write all the time - I never do. But there are moments of sudden contemplation - that's when I wrote them. I am going to present them here to you for the first time. In case you would like to follow me on that trip through these spaces, you are dearly invited to do so now.

Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017

The first poem we are going to take a look at is called TRACES. When you're about to begin  your travelling you may wonder what traces you're about to leave. Sometimes you're afraid there might be none.  But while sitting inside that plane you just enjoy the wonderful endless blue. And you leave behind many a notion you thought that would be of greater importance anyhow before




 that you leave no traces


going through

that endless blue.



I wanna go there


leaving no


at all...!






Copyright by M. Zosel 2017



Manuscipt by M. Zosel IV/2017
Manuscipt by M. Zosel IV/2017

I'd been to Los Angeles a couple of years ago. It was in 2004. Thirteen years later I was going to return to receive an music award and be thrilled to the bone for that reason. Going there was totally different from being there for the first time. And the fact that it was thirteen years ago, a lucky number to me, made me smile all the way and all the time while being on my journey. 



Thought I been

there before.


That's what I


but it

turned out

quite differently

- you see?



It always feels


when there

is some

temporary space

in between...



I made it

all the way

to the coast

of the Pacific Ocean.

It took me

quite a while

but now

I have to smile.


For every journey

begins with

ther first step

and after that one

an unique adventure



A man has to

move on -

to remain


to his soul

and mind!

Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017

The gala night used to be on April, 20th at a hot location in Los Angeles. In the morning and noon I had the wish to escape the permanent smog and the roaring noises of that wonderful city, which did have an impact on me. So I chose to go on the Ventura Freeway north and got on another highway that too me all the way upt to the top of Mt. Wilson. At first I simply wanted to ride my car north, then almost by accident I found that special highway up the mountain range and met interesting people up there. Rangers that took care of a heavy transport truck up there. Bikers I talked to. They were going all the way up those 3000 feet by their own power, almost without stopping on their way.

It was a long way uphill on that mountain road. But there is magic the moment you arrive up there, breathing crystal clear mountain air in your lung and feeling like you're standing at the top of the world. High above a city that covers almost all the space you're able to see with your eyes.

Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017

View from the top of Mt. Wilson to the western part of Los Angeles

There's little decision you really have when choosing which way to go - when you give it a closer look. You're taken this or that way. A bit of deciding remains to you - but not too much at all. 

I thought I knew a bit about that city, because I happened to be there 13 years ago. But every place I was taken seemed so different from the places I remembered. Funny, isn't it?

The moment you let go, you really begin to travel. Give it a chance to be the way it should be.

I did after a while and soon got the finest experience offered. I really started being there, not just going there - that's a big difference! 

I went all on my own and talked to people whenever I could. I was on the go and on the chat. Thankful for every picture emerging in front of my eyes.




Drove up

to Mt. Wilson

almost by accident.

Just saw

the sign

that said:

"Angeles Crest Highway"


I followed

'en route'...


I should be glad

I did so -

'cause of all the ways


I did go.



Do you know

of summer's dream?

That might begin

with spring and  a need

to comfort all

the soul?


Of thunder

that went

to a distant shore.

As you longed

and grasped 

to look out

for more.


And dreams of summer

would stay

forever more...

Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017

Up on Mt. Wilson




It might be 

that I told you

Or I've forgotten

while I left.


For some notion


on my mind.


Easy to find


lost in


Sometimes, out of the blue, a love poem appears. Unexpectedly, but dear and welcome though nobody seems to be waiting at home for me in that matter. Somewhere someone might, who knows? Once again I reached out for the eternal traces up in the blue which surely is a reminder of poem number one. Love is the greatest mystery of all. The love I mean right here is true and honest love, which is a gift from heaven and cannot be compared to anything else.



I will be there,

believe me - I will.


And just

like the song

of the sea

seems eternal

- traces up in the blue



And if you wish

on a star,

no matter

where you are,

that'll find me

- unspoken

but sure.


Such is


the mystery of 'love'.

Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017

The sun on Hollywood Blvd.



I am travelling 

on a dream.


No matter

how it seems

there's more to it

than might show us

at first sight.


It is the will

to realize

- there's more

to meet the eye

than meets the eye.


I'll be travelling 

on this dream

as long

as it may

guide me...!





I never really


saying that word


- being heard

often before -

seems to offer

so much more.


But looking for


is a life long 



an cannot be 




one word...!



Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017



Don't you

walk with me?


I was told

to be gentle,


but sometimes wild inside.


Many a song

fed this soul

that is only

and only guided

by the GOOD LORD above...

A remarkable thought crossed my mind as I was walking on Hollywood Boulevard, looking at all the stars and names besides the steps that I was taking carefully. I felt really uncomfortabel to trample on the names of the poeple I knew with great respect regarding their hard work as an actor or a musician. I stopped before the name of Ingrid Bergmann, James Steward and John Denver.  They took the stars out of the sky and put them in two rows on both sides of the street, this boulervard of dreams, for everyone to see - and to step on. As much as I liked the thought of being here with a name as a part of this famous street, the same way I disliked the thought of having my name being trampled on by thousands of people each day.

I talked to some people about that - they did not wonder too much about it. And the wonderful Californian Sunlight in all its brightness gave them stars an unique glow.

Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017




as it may be

I always liked

to be free


I've always

liked the

taste of the wind.


The taste of the rain

that comes with longing



And the  fragnance

of young soil 

on a warm 

summer's night.



as it is

- it always felt right to me...!

On the Walk of Fame / Hollywood

I don't know if you ever heard about the famous Mulholland Drive on the Hollywood Hills. All my life I wanted to go on parts of that street which became very fampous for its illegal car races way back in the sixties and seventies at night and because of some thrilling movies which were taken up there. There still are also a lot of actors, writers and producers who live up there on that very beautyful and calm spot so close to the city bursting with traffic noise and life. I went there and it felt like coming home for some reason - I can't give you a precise reason for that. You have to go there to see the sunset in the west which sets a golden light all over the city as far as you can see. And in case you stay a little longer you can see a sea of dancing lights when it is getting dark and the lights of the city are dancing like stars on earth. That's where the magic comes in - and the dream of this very city shall live for all time.

Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017

Markus on Mulholland Drive / Beverly Hills

Sudden lonelyness is a phenomenon that comes out of nowhere on a journey you do all by yourself. I do not suffer from that very often on my journeys. But it usually happens only once or twice in a travelling period. Then you need to reflect on the things coming up your mind.

I always like to go for a quiet place then. The hotel pool at evening time is perfect for moments like these. Life can be a little more intense for people who chose to go on a road not taken by many others. And dreamers have their own way. It's such a price to pay - and so much you do get by going on this road.

Photot by M. Zosel 2017
Photot by M. Zosel 2017

Temporary home in Pasadena




I am alone

at this hotel pool

as evening begins

and a slight breeze

so cool

relates to

the heat 

of the day.


Oh I might say

I enjoy


of the water's surface

unsteady traces

and victim

to this breeze...!




are never

going to be alone.


They simply won't!

And if you don't beliebve me 

- don't!


I've seen 

my dream

dressed always alike,

to a sunny day

or a starry night's delight.


But I

won't get any wiser

and that

matches the fact

same as

all the other dreamers

around the globe.

Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017




I don't feel

no pain

as I meet you


Just like a promise

out of 

another life

- long ago.


I only wish

I could have stayed

and you

wouldn't have liked

to betray yourself

with someone else

beside you that time.


But don't care,

I don't feel no pain!

No pain at all...!

Up on Angel's Crest Highway



Hear that song?


Sing it along

and make it your own!


It is offered to you

if you know

what to do

the moment

it appears...


Feel the wind

on your face

and the sand

in your shoes.


Laugh out loudly


you know

what to do

by instinct...!

A poem always seems like a little miracle to me. I doesn't need much and it comes out of nowhere and cleanses you soul in the most unknown spaces of your mind. It really does! And it doesn't have be be a big one. Just a hanful of words and simple lines. All of a sudden it everything seems to fit together - and it's right that way.

I shall be forever thankful for having that gift in my life - turning real life experience into pieces of fiction, art or artistic work to comprehend life much better. Though it might seem much more complicated moments before.

Manuscript by M. Zosel IV/2017
Manuscript by M. Zosel IV/2017




And words

they do form

a little poem

formerly unknown

and born

by accident.


Do you 


All that


comes out

that way,


comforts you

by surprise.


The instinct


the shades

of a dream!

Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017



They left it

to me

and I left it 

to them.


And it's up

to whoever

when we'll meet again.


For times

seems to fit

separate parts

together again...


Let me thank you now for being with me now.  I hope you enjoyed a little insight in my way of working in a literary or musical manner. I shall be pleased to have you as  a guest here again. Take care and call again. If you wish, leave a comment.  

I shall be very grateful to the wonderful people of the AKADEMIA, Hollywood, Los Angeles. The were the host who invited me to come to this unique and wonderful city. And I can tell you I enjoyed every single step I too in days around the 2017 Gala which was climax and pleasure of my journey to me and all in one. Words only come pouring out of you that way when you feel comfortable and well-guided on your trip. It has been a real pleasure to be a guest of those lovely people who give musicians the chance to be heard on a global scale.


The literary sources I mentioned were the following:

(1) Hayward, John (Ed.): The Penguin Book of English Verse. Penguin Group. London, 1988.

(2) Untermeyer, Louis (Ed.): Robert Frosts Poems. St.Martin's Paperbacks. New York, 2002.

(3) My own notes from my scetchbook I've begun in 2010.


And now - we're about to be finshed with the Los Angeles Poems and this article. GOD bless.

Markus Zosel


Photo by M. Zosel 2017
Photo by M. Zosel 2017

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