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English Speaking Visitors had been a very magical moment in a small coast town somewhere at the Mediterranean shores of light. I witnessed a tiny street circus doing their show to people coming along by accident. But right after the real magic started and went straight into my heart: a bunch of teenage kids started singing and a teenage boy played guitar - I still hear the song he played...

I, myself, was twelve years of age in those days and it lit something like a fire in me that still burns. So I got myself a guitar and started playing.

I started immideately writing my first simple songs. I always have done so since then and the feeling has always been the same.

I hope that I can do so much better and more professional today - and I guess so!

As I told before I still do and it's a privilege to me that I am able to share my ability with you now and right here.

It's good to have you here! Take your time and have a look...

I tell, in case you should be interested in, my  biography in the following videos. I hope you're going to enjoy them. Otherwise just have a look at my YouTube Channel and the music that is there in store for you.

So - just get started..