The first English novel by Markus Zosel

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   I am very glad that I am able to present you my first novel in English language..!

   Most of my songs are in English, because I want to share all the pictures and treasures I found here. I want to share them with all the lovely people that don't speak German, my native tongue, that might be the reason for writing this novel. And I can tell you - I enjoyed writing it in English very much.

   Many thanks to Karen, my dear American friend, who has been living and working in Germany for about 40 years now - it had been a pleasure to work together on that wonderful project. There's always so much to learn!

This book is availiable at any amazon marketplace. I linked site with the cover shown above. So any time you're interested, click on that cover and get your own cover. Or choose the amazon site of your country!

The plot takes you right to Nordhessen and its wonderful sceneries, into a story of thrilling action and crime and underneath the surface of a huge lake located in that area. It also takes to a vineyard nearby and to lovely people gettig involved in all the action.

As I've said before - get your own copy now - and enjoy while travelling in the home of the Brothers Grimm today...!